Autumn Fours Historical Results

Year Date Draw Bracket Results Winners Notes
2023 5th November     Cancelled n/a High Stream
2022 6th November     2022 Results M4+: Jesus
W4+: University A
2021 7th November     2021 Results M4+: University A
W4+: Wolfson A
Mx.2x: Somerville
2020 8th November     Cancelled n/a 2nd Covid-19 lockdown
2019 10th November     Cancelled n/a High stream
2018 28th October 2018 Draw 2018 Bracket 2018 Results M4+: Balliol
W4+: Wadham
M1x: Wolfson
2017 5th November 2017 Draw 2017 Bracket 2017 Results M4+: Jesus A
W4+: Wolfson
M1x: Merton
2016 23rd October   2016 Bracket 2016 Results M4+: Corpus Christi A
W4+: Hertford A
2015 15th November 2015 Draw 2015 Bracket Lost? Lost?  
2014 26th October 2014 Draw   Lost?

M4+: Pembroke
W4+: Hertford

M2x: Oriel
M1x: Oriel

2013 17th October 2013 Draw 2013 Bracket Lost? Lost?  
2012 3rd November 2012 Draw n/a 2012 Results M4+: Trinity A
W4+: GTC
Time trial due to
high stream
2011 23rd October 2011 Draw 2011 Bracket 2011 Results M4+: Pembroke
W4+: GTC
2010 31st October 2010 Draw   2010 Results M4+: Lincoln
W4+: New College
2009 1st November 2009 Draw   2009 Summary of Results M4+: Wolfson A
W4+: Wolfson A
M1x: Lincoln A
2008 2nd November 2008 Draw   2008 Results M4+: Balliol
W4+: Trinity
2007 28th October 2007 Draw   2007 Results M4+: Brasenose A
W4+: Somerville
2006 2nd November 2006 Draw   2006 Results M4+: Brasenose
W4+: Hertford A
2005 13th November 2005 Draw n/a 2005 Results Four Oars Cup: Magdalen A
OUWBC Cup: Regent's Park
Time trial joint
with IWL A
2004 7th November 2004 Draw n/a 2004 Results

Four Oars Cup: Hertford
Pazolt Cup: Hertford
OUWBC Cup: Oriel

Time trial joint
with IWL A


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