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Times given for Boathouse Island.
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Oxford University Rowing Clubs is the confederation of the college boat clubs and the University squads (OUBC, OUWBC, OULRC, and OUWLRC). It is the body that has authority over the conduct of all College crews, and is responsible for organising inter-collegiate contests. OURCs is proudly sponsored by Neptune Investment Management.
Bumps dates:
  • Torpids 2020: 6th week Hilary Term
    • Rowing On: 21st February
    • Bumps: 26th February - 29th February
  • Summer Eights 2020: 5th week Trinity Term
    • Rowing on: tbc
    • Bumps: 27th May - 30th May



Oxford Race Not Waste:

Race not Waste poster  - Help us clean up boathouse island by putting this poster up in your boathouse!

It would make a huge difference if you can get the message to all your students, staff and alumni:

Everyone who can brings a re-usable cup to the event, refills it there and takes it away with them

Anyone who can’t do that has drinks served in cups that aren’t plastic – unbleached non lined paper is BEST

Any waste that is generated is properly separated out into the marked bins so we can deal with it properly

Put this message on your website and social media accounts –enlist your Communications officer to help with this

Put the attached poster on notice boards around your college.