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Oxford University Rowing Clubs is the confederation of the college boat clubs and the University squads (OUBC, OUWBC, OULRC, and OUWLRC). It is the body that has authority over the conduct of all College crews, and is responsible for organising inter-collegiate contests.
Bumps Livestream: Bumps dates:
    Torpids 2021: 7th Week Trinity Term
    • Rowing On: Saturday 5th June
    • Bumps: Tuesday 8th - Friday 11th June
    Summer Eights 2021: Replaced by Torpids 2021
    • Rowing on: N/A
    • Bumps: N/A
Key Bumps Changes E-Learning
    Our E-learning site is a new resource for clubs, aiming to give some of the important information in a more accessible way. It holds our pre-race briefings, information pages and FAQs. Please do let the OURCs secretary  (secretary@ourcs.co.uk) know if you have any feedback on it, or any suggestions for more information pages clubs would find useful!