Chair - Ella Stadler (OUWBC)
The Chair is either the President of OUBC or OUWBC, working on alternate years. They act as the Chair at Captains' Meetings.

Rowing Sabbatical Officer - Samuel McLoughlin (Somerville)
The Rowing Sabbatical Officer (RowSab) provides administrative support for all members of OURCs, and acts as safety adviser for college and university rowing. The RowSab post is usually taken by a recent student. Applications will be invited in February-March and shortlisted by an interview with COUR members in April, before being voted on at a captains' meeting early in Trinity term. Contact about Safety advice, Swim Test and Capsize Drill queries, and River queries.

Secretary - Sophia Ungermann (Linacre)
The OURCs Secretary heads up the OURCs Committee and takes overall responsibility for OURCs operations and events, aided by the committee.

Contact about: regatta questions - the Secretary will normally be the Race Secretary for regattas. Hence, queries about anything from entries, draws, to general organisation, possible rule changes, and things we could be doing better or differently should be directed to the Secretary

Treasurer - James Hopkinson (The Queen's)
The Treasurer is in charge of the finances of OURCs and is in charge of the fine system. Fine appeals should be directed to the Treasurer.

Contact about: fine queries and appeals and payment queries.

Captain of Coxes - Charlotte Rumney (The Queen's)

The Captain of Coxes is responsible for registering and briefing new coxes and responding to coxing enquires.

Contact abour: coxing upgrades and guidance.

Sponsorship Officer - Tyson Rallens (Merton/Green Templeton)
Acts as point of contact for all matters relating to sponsorship and liaison for aspects pertaining to branding.

Webmaster - Agathiyan Bragadeesh (Wadham)
Handles updates to rowing captains mailing list, issues with the entries system, and general queries regarding the OURCs website and other web-based systems.

Senior Member - Dr. Paul Azzopardi (Worcester)

Dr Paul Azzopardi is a fellow of Worcester College and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Psychology. Department profile.

Senior Treasurer - David Seale (Linacre)

The Senior Treasurer oversees the short term financial conduct and long-term financial stability of OURCs.

Having graduated in the early 2000s, David has been a Senior Umpire for some years and has now taken on the role of Senior Treasurer. He is the finance bursar at Linacre College.

Ordinary Committee Members


Ordinary Committee Members assist with the day-to-day running of OURCs, and are invaluable when it comes to events. Please feel free to ask them any questions and they can bring it to the committee or appropriate person if they cannot help you themselves. The OURCs OCMs are (in no particular order):

Matilde Soares da Silva (Merton)
Daina Šadurska (Wolfson/St. Cross)
Ruby Sioux Harrison (Green Templeton)

Evan Roberts (Christ Church/Kellogg)

Zara Watson (The Queen's)
Ambre Bertrand (Reuben)
Sydney Rose (Linacre)
Richard Mifsud (Worcester/Osler)
Zhaoying Ma (Wolfson/St. Cross)
Q Sun (St. Edmund Hall)

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