Appendix: Rules of Racing

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Temporary Rule Changes Currently in Place

Please note: all rules with the prefix ‘TEMP’ take priority in the case of contradictions within these rules.

TEMP 1: The bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021 will be held in 7th week, from Tuesday to Friday, with Rowing On occurring on Saturday of 6th week.

TEMP 2: For the bumps races in Trinity Term 2021, the sizes of the divisions and which crews are required to row on will be determined by the OURCs secretary after the close of entries, in conjunction with the SUs. There will be 13 divisions.

TEMP 3: The substitution rules (A3.5.a-e) will not be in place in the bumps races of Trinity Term 2021. Instead, the rules will be determined by the OURCs secretary and the SUs closer to the event date, taking into account the envisioned COVID restrictions at the time. These will be circulated prior to the entries closing.

TEMP 4: The bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021 will follow the Torpids format of crews continuing racing after being bumped, whilst the crew that has bumped them winds down and stops racing, however people who have been selected for a university squad boat will not be prohibited from racing.

TEMP 5: In the bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021, coxes will be permitted to cox more than one boat, if this is the safer course of action and complies with the substitution rules determined by the college.

TEMP 6: In the bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021, associate coxes in fixed divisions will be at the discretion of the event committee.

TEMP 7: The bumps races taking place in Trinity Term 2021 will use and inform the Torpids bumps charts (using the final finishing order with re-insertions from Torpids 2019).

TEMP 8: For Trinity term of 2021, the days on which only senior crews are allowed on the river as defined in the Code of Conduct 2.8.b.iv should be reduced to Tuesday and Thursday to greater enable novice training and general crew safety. This will be limited to two fours or eights at a time for clubs on other days.

TEMP 9: For Peak Term of Trinity term of 2021, between 5.00pm and 7.00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, only athletes fulfilling the following conditions may be on the water (2.8.2.d): 'Athletes' entered for the Senior divisions in Eights (as defined by the Rules of Racing), The top crew of the division below the Senior Divisions in Eights, All college 1st VIIIs, Single Sculls ,'The above applies to crews in boats of any size

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