What Do The Different Colours Mean?

The colour of the flags represents how fast (and therefore how dangerous) the stream is on the respective stretch, and consequently shows which OURCs rules are in force, though it is important that all crews make their own individual risk assessment before starting an outing.

For an explaination of the Flags at Godstow and on the Isis, please see More Information

Godstow Flag Page

River Godstow
Active Status Green
Active Notices
  • No restrictions on coxing status.
  • Novices coxes must be accompanied by a bankrider or a launch.
Last Updated 14/02/19 07:59
Authorised By Phil Colborne
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Status Notices
  • Flag not currently being maintained.
  • All crews must make their own decision on whether it is safe to row.
  • No restrictions on coxing status.
  • Novices coxes must be accompanied by a bankrider or a launch.
  • Experienced and senior coxes only
  • Senior crews only - At least 4 rowers with 3 terms' experience, no rowers with less than one term.
  • All crews must be accompanied by a launch with safety equipment.
  • Crews must not turn below Medley Sailing Club, except to land at Keble rafts.
  • Navigation of locks is prohibited.
  • Crews may not go below the Rainbow Bridge.
  • No crews are allowed out.
  • No crews are allowed out.
  • Bank may be flooded in places - Exercise caution on foot or bike and avoid unnecessary trips to the river.
  • Boathouses may be inaccessible - Contact your boatman if concerned about equipment.
  • Do not expect to be rowing any time soon.


Status Start Date End Date
Green 14/02/19 07:59
Amber 12/02/19 16:40 14/02/19 07:59
Red 11/02/19 11:26 12/02/19 16:40
Amber 07/02/19 12:13 11/02/19 11:26
Green 08/01/19 23:36 07/02/19 12:13
Grey 24/12/18 13:06 08/01/19 23:36

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