The Neptune Torpids 2019, Supported by Neptune Investment Management

Bumps : 27th February - 2rd March     Rowing On : 22nd February (Reserve : 24th February)
Race Secretary : Sacha Tchen

Day Start Order Finish Order
Rowing On Rowing On Draw Rowing On Results
Wednesday Torpids 2019 Wednesday Start Order Torpids 2019 Wednesday Finish Order
Thursday Torpids 2019 Thursday Start Order  
Friday Torpids 2019 Friday Start Order  
Saturday Torpids 2019 Saturday Start Order Torpids 2019 End Order

Complete Finish order with reinsertions: Torpids 2019 Finish Order


Last year's Finish Order (kindly provided by Anu) is avalible here:

Entry Details

Entries must be completed on the Entries system. Entries will close on Monday 18th February (6th Week) at midday.

The scratch deadline will be midnight before Rowing On (21st / 23rd February). Scratches after this time will be treated as withdrawals as per rule A3.7.

Substitutions maybe made on the Entries system until 4am on each day of racing. After this time substitutions must be made at Race Desk.

Entry Fees for Torpids 2019 are £50 per eight.

If you have any issues, please email the Race Secretary.

Event Details

Torpids 2019 Event Plan


Torpids 2019 Marshaling and Umpiring Briefing

Torpids 2019 Marshaling Rota

Torpds 2019 Rowing On Marshaling Rota


Torpids 2019 Umpiring Rota

Bank Riding

Bank Rider Briefing 2019

All bank riders must have been to a bank rider briefing in the previous 18 months. If in doubt, please contact the race secretary.



Flag Status:


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Times given for Boathouse Island.
More times at suntimes.