7th Week Summer Torpids 2021

Bumps : 8th-11th June 2021
Race Secretary : Jack Woodward


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Start Orders:

Provisional start orders may be available on Anu Dudhia's "Torpids 2021" site.

The previous Finish Order from Torpids 2019 (kindly provided by Anu) is available here: http://eodg.atm.ox.ac.uk/user/dudhia/rowing/torpids/t19fin.pdf

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic a number of temporary changes have been made to the format of bumps racing this Trinity Term. They are outlined in the temporary rules below. 

Entry Details

Entries must be completed on the Entries system. Entries will close on Saturday 27th May (5th Week) at 11:59.

The scratch deadline will be at 04:00 on Tuesday 1st June. Withdrawals after this time will still be permitted but may still incur entry fees and marshalling allocations.

Substitutions maybe made on the Entries system until 4am on each day of racing. After this time substitutions must be made by calling Race Desk on 07341500865 (Racedesk opens at 10:30 each day)

Entry Fees for 7th week Summer Torpids 2021 are £50 per Eight.

If you have any issues, please email the Race Secretary (secretary@ourcs.co.uk).

Event Details

Temporary Rules affecting racing: 

TEMP 1: The bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021 will be held in 7th week, from Tuesday to Friday, with Rowing On occurring on Saturday of 6th week.

TEMP 2: For the bumps races in Trinity Term 2021, the sizes of the divisions and which crews are required to row on will be determined by the OURCs secretary after the close of entries, in conjunction with the SUs. 

TEMP 3: The substitution rules (A3.5.a-e) will not be in place in the bumps races of Trinity Term 2021. Instead, the rules will be determined by the OURCs secretary and the SUs closer to the event date, taking into account the envisioned COVID restrictions at the time. These will be circulated prior to the entries closing.

TEMP 4: The bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021 will follow the Torpids format of crews continuing racing after being bumped, whilst the crew that has bumped them winds down and stops racing, however people who have been selected for a university squad boat will not be prohibited from racing.

TEMP 5: In the bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021, coxes will be permitted to cox more than one boat, if this is the safer course of action and complies with the substitution rules determined by the college.

TEMP 6: In the bumps races occurring in Trinity Term 2021, associate coxes in fixed divisions will be at the discretion of the event committee.

TEMP 7: The bumps races taking place in Trinity Term 2021 will use and inform the Torpids bumps charts (using the final finishing order with re-insertions from Torpids 2019).



As you will be aware, we are only able to run bumps this year if we commit to having it as a non spectator event.  To help people to be able to keep in touch with the racing, we have a professional live stream, with multiple fixed camera positions providing coverage of the river planned from First Sight Media – an Oxfordshire based professional events broadcasting company.


This stream will be available during the hours of racing at: https://www.oxfordbumpsracing.com/ and, in the following weeks, the footage will be transferred to the OURCS you tube channel for your viewing pleasure into the future.


But for bumps to work we need all boat club members to be aware of, and to follow, these guidelines:

  • Access to the boathouse island and the riverside frontage of Christ Church Meadow will be restricted to those people named on the OURCS entry system as representing a boathouse island based racing club only.  There will be fencing and gates and you are asked to bring your bod card with you to identify yourself to the security team for access.  If you are subbed into a crew you should state the name of the person who is on the entry who you are replacing and use your bod card to identify yourself, or, if a non University member, an email from your captain stating who you have subbed in for. 
  • Aim to arrive at your boathouse with only sufficient time to brief, warm up and race
  • Leave the island after your race – the island will be patrolled by the security team to move people along who are no longer racing.
  • If your coach etc is not named on the entry or is not a member of your college, please could captains send them an email to use to identify themselves to be granted access.
  • To state the obvious, no bars, BBQs etc are allowed on the island/in boathouses for this event and clubs must ensure they comply in full with the latest British Rowing guidelines for club house access.

On the towpath, the path from the Abingdon Road to the towpath will be closed, with access to competitors only.  Anyone may exit via this path.

  • Univ and Long Bridges based clubs should exercise the same discipline in arriving in time to race, racing and departing.

The towpath will not be closed as it is a public right of way.  It will be heavily signed, to remind people of current COVID regulation and the need to not hold a spectator based event at present.  There will be security staff on bikes patrolling to move on any crowds with the knowledge and support of the necessary authorities.

We have emailed all bursars, development office teams and key teams in the central university communications department to try to spread the message far and wide – bumps can only happen this year if we all commit to keeping the event as spectator free as possible.  Racing cannot continue if crowds build up and we have taken every possible measure to provide an alternative way of watching the event and to communicate that we need help to successfully run it by simply staying away unless you’re racing.  Clearly this isn’t the style of event we’d like to be running but it’s the only event we can run under current conditions.  Please, don’t seek loopholes – follow this guidance and then we can preserve the racing that we all very much want to enjoy.


Summer Torpids 2021 Event Plan



You can find the relevant college marshal briefing presentation on the e-learning site here: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/8DX7YA

The site includes sections covering: 

  • What is a marshal.
  • Circulation Pattern
  • Swans
  • Radios and who to contact
  • River Checks 
  • Crew checks and timings
  • Starting protocol
  • Dealing with river traffic 
  • Klaxons 
  • Useful links

Once you have completed the briefing activity please ensure that you complete the Marshal Briefing Test.

Marshal Placement

ST 21 Marshal and Umpire Rota.pdf


You can find the relevant umpiring briefing on the e-learning site here: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/8DX7YA

The site includes sections covering: 

  • What is an umpire? What shoould you do before your slot? 
  • What to do during the race? 
  • Boat distances, types of bump and the ideal racing line
  • Using your throwline

Once you have completed the briefing activity please ensure that you complete the Umpire Briefing Quiz.

ST 21 Marshal and Umpire Rota.pdf

Bank Riding

You can find the relevant bankrider briefing on the e-learning site here: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/8DX7YA

The site includes sections covering:

  • The towpath 
  • If you were in an accident
  • What to do before and during bankriding
  • OURCs rules concerning cyclists
  • Final important information for bankriders

Once you have completed the briefing activity please ensure that you complete the Bankrider Briefing. 

All bank riders must have been to a bank rider briefing in the previous 18 months. If in doubt, please contact the race secretary.

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