Isis Winter League 2021-22

The Isis Winter League (IWL) is a series of head races run throughout Michaelmas and Hilary terms. IWLs are open not only to OURCs affiliated crews, but also to other rowing clubs based on the Isis, so all are encouraged to participate. The course usually runs from Donnington Bridge to the Cox Stone opposite Christ Church Meadows.


Table of Events

  Sunday Race Secretary List of Entries Draw Marshal Rota Results
A 4th Week Michaelmas Ty Rallens IWL A Entries IWL A Draw IWL A Rota Results
Sunday 31st October
B 8th Week Michaelmas Ty Rallens IWL B Entries IWL B Draw IWL B Rota Results
Sunday 28th October
C 2nd Week Hilary Zara Watson IWL C Entries IWL C Draw IWL C Rota Results
Sunday 23rd January
D 4th Week Hilary Evan Roberts IWL D Entries IWL D Draw IWL D Rota Results
Sunday 6th February
E 6th Week Hilary

Ruby Harrison

Natasha Smith

IWL E Entries IWL E Draw IWL E Rota  
Sunday 20th February


Entry Fees

Entry fees for 2021-22 are as follows:

  • £16 - 8+
  • £14 - 4+, 4-, 4x-, 4x+
  • £12 - 2x, 2-, 2+
  • £10 - 1x

Marshalling Documents

  • Marshals will be provided with the relevant page of  this document on the day.
  • We will be using this document as a basis for our briefing
  • We strongly recommend that marshalls read over the above guides a few days before coming down for their shift to allow the knowledge to sink in.
  • Please ensure that marshals sent to the river are of a suitable quality of knowledge. We strongly encourage and strongly prefer experienced rowers, especially early in the year.

Shared Event Documentation

League Leaderboard

Can be found here

League points are allocated according to the IWL Scoring Guide


  • Entries must be made online through the OURCs entries system. If you require assistance, please contact
  • Entries close at 12:00 the Tuesday before each event.
  • Scratching closes at 23:59 the Wednesday before each event. After this time you may scratch crews but you will still have to pay the entry fee & supply marshals according to your original entries.
  • Payment is by bank transfer - details from the OURCs Treasurer. Bank transfers should be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice. The treasurer can be contacted via email to

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